Awwara illustration




Where do you come from? Could you explain it to me?

I come from a land called Benawara, which means: “The place of the Awara”.

So then I am an Awara, and that land that I speak to you of, if you did not know, is this same island where you were born and tread today.

It has had several names; it is La Palma now, is it not? But the important thing is not the name of things but what can be found inside them – and sometimes these things can be reached very easily .

Let yourself go!

Stay tuned into this curve that I have started to trace.

Our intention with these figures is to draw attention to the zenith.

Do you feel it now?

Listen to the phonolite, be enchanted with its sound, how the earth sings!

It’s magic, it elevates us, …

Welcome to your home!

I will tell you, that I am only a young man who learned from the ancestors.

I saw them elaborate divine cults with spirals on rock and mud and, to me, they still see me here – for life is cyclical like the spirals , and with these magical designs that we create, they are not lost as long as I continue engraving them.


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