Invisible man t-shirt
The Invisible man

The Invisible man

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The Invisible Man T-shirt, designed by Isidoro Parrado makes a nod to this film character and fantastic literature.

The design invites us to reflect on the need and the dream of recovering childhood, the desire to be a child. A child that disappears and appears to surprise us, that plays and that goes unnoticed in life as in dreams. Being invisible is desire and frustration, many people would want to be invisible, "disappear", but even an act as fantastic and at the same time as real as this, brings to the memory the pain of the inevitable absence of the existence of those people at That we want and appreciate. Undoubtedly, with this shirt will not disappear from the map, but at least you try and just go unnoticed.

  • Short Sleeve
  • Rounded neck
  • 100% Cotton, 165 g/m2.